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We specialize in Eyelash Extensions, Training, Eyebrow Services and offer Cosmetic Treatments like Body Contouring. Ready to feel Pretty!?

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We specialize in eyelash extensions, Training Eyebrow Services and offer Cosmetic Treatents like Body Contouring. Ready to feel Pretty!?


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Lash Wands

Premium Eyebrow Services

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Premium Lash Extensions

When we say we Specialize in lashes we mean it. We only use Premium Extensions in Faux Mink to provide you with the best Quality Lash Experience. Backed by our Lash Guarantee, Our premium Eyelash Extensions are isolated and applied correctly ensuring they last for their expected duration in addition to assuring absolutely no damage to your natural lashes. With proper at home care!

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Quality First Always. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Eyelash Services

Premium Eyebrow Services

Eyebrow Services

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Who We Are

At Pretty Girl Lounge, we are Pickering’s #1 choice for Lashes, Brows, Body & More! We Specialize in Eyelash Extensions, provide the best Eyebrow Services and offer Non Invasive Cosmetic Treatments like Body Contouring. After all, we do understand the Pretty Girl World!

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Kim G

Kim G

Founder / CEO

Pretty Girl Lounge © was established in 2016 by Kim G, who is a mother, experienced eyelash/brow and body contour specialist and growing entrepreneur. Pretty Girl Lounge was created to be different from our competitors and provide outstanding customer service in addition to pure, quality work. The goal each and every day is to inspire, motivate and educate and that’s just what they’re going to do!

Kim’s high attention to detail, aim for perfection and passion enables her to effectively produce nothing but the best while effectively imparting her knowledge onto others, thus creating new and successful lash, brow and body professionals.

We do everything in our power to ensure you’ve loved your visit! See you soon.


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