Booking Policy

Our policies were created with the best interest of both the Artist/Lounge and the Client. Please note, functional policies ensure the best experiences for each client, every time.


Please Note: Online Deposits are non refundable.  

COVID-19 Policies are in full effect at our Lounge. Clients must adhere to the policies set by The Government of Ontario. If you are sick, Positive with COVID or are experiencing any COVID symptoms, kindly phone in to have your appointment rescheduled after the 2 week isolation period without facing any penalties. Clients must wear masks, sanitize hands and sign our client consent form with the date, client’s name and email address upon arrival. If you are early for you appointment we kindly ask that you wait in your car until your exact appointment time. All vital areas of the Lounge are thoroughly  sanitized after each appointment. Rest assured Pretty Girl Lounge already follows all Health Regulations in addition to the new protocols put in place! See you soon.

Late appointments of 10 minutes or more will be automatically cancelled and rescheduled for a later date. Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you are early, we kindly ask that you wait in your car until your appointment time.

Last minute cancellations/no show appointments will pay 50% of the original service price in order to re-book a later appointment. No appointment will be given until the balance is paid in full. No exceptions

For eyelash fills you must maintain half of your lashes or half of the original style/shape to pay the full price. Less than half requires a full set. No exceptions.

We ensure the correct amount of time, quality and application each time, in each one our eyelash sets to provide the best retention. Lashes Extensions will generally hold for the said times and only fall with natural shedding with proper at-home care. Thus, we will only fix sets free of charge for no more than 48 hours after the original appointment.

We recommend to pre book at the end of each appointment to ensure we have a spot for you in the future in order to maintain the best out of your service.